In this article, we shall consider Advantage and disadvantage essay writing

In this article, we shall consider Advantage and disadvantage essay writing

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>While getting started can be very difficult, finishing an essay is usually quite straightforward. Because of the time you reach the end you will already know what the primary points regarding the essay are, therefore it will soon be simple for you to write a directory of the essay and finish with some sort of final comment, that are the two components of a beneficial conclusion. An illustration essay has been listed below to assist you understand both of these, and there’s a checklist in the end which you can use for editing your conclusion.

In a nutshell, the paragraph that is concluding of the following two parts:

  • a directory of the points that are main
  • your final comment on the subject.

It’s important, at the end of the essay, to summarise the main points. Then your summary can just be a restatement of your thesis using different words if your thesis statement is detailed enough. The summary ought to include all of the main points of this essay, and really should begin with a transition signal that is suitable. You must not add any new information at this time.

The next is an example of a synopsis for a short essay on cars (given just below):

To conclude, although the car is advantageous because of its convenience, it offers some important disadvantages, in particular the pollution it causes as well as the rise of traffic jams.

Even though this summary is just one sentence long, it includes the primary (controlling) ideas from all three paragraphs into the body that is main. Moreover it has a clear transition signal (‘In conclusion’) to exhibit that this is the end of the essay.

Final comment

After the essay is completed together with writer has given a summary, there should be some type or sort of final comment concerning the topic. This will be associated with the ideas in the main body. Your final comment might:

  • offer solutions to any problems mentioned within the body;
  • offer tips for future action;
  • give ideas for future research.

Let me reveal a typical example of a comment that is final the essay on cars:

Then some of these problems can be lessened if countries can invest in the development of technology for green fuels, and if car owners can think of alternatives buy essay such as car sharing.

This final comment offers solutions, and it is related to the ideas in the body that is main. One of many disadvantages within the physical body was pollution, so the writer suggests developing ‘green fuels’ to help tackle this issue. The second disadvantage was traffic congestion, together with writer again suggests an answer, ‘car sharing’. The writer has brought the essay to a successful close by giving these suggestions related to the ideas in the main body.

Example essay

Below is a discussion essay which talks about the advantages and disadvantages of car ownership. This essay can be used throughout the essay writing section to assist you understand different factors of essay writing. Here it focuses on the summary and final comment of the conclusion (mentioned with this page), the thesis statement and general statements of this introduction, and topic sentences and controlling ideas. Click on the different areas (within the shaded boxes to your right) to highlight the different structural aspects in this article.

While they were invented almost one hundred years back, for a long time cars were only owned because of the rich. Since the 60s and 70s they will have become increasingly affordable, and from now on most families in developed nations, and a growing number in developing countries, own a motor vehicle. While cars have undoubted advantages, of which their convenience is one of apparent, they have significant drawbacks, most notably pollution and traffic problems .

The absolute most striking benefit of the car is its convenience. When travelling long distance, there may be only 1 range of bus or train per day, that might be at an time that is unsuitable. The automobile, however, allows people to travel at any time they wish, and also to just about any destination they choose.

Despite this advantage, cars have numerous significant disadvantages, the most crucial of which can be the pollution they cause. Practically all motor cars run either on petrol or diesel fuel, each of which are fossil fuels. Burning these fuels causes the car to emit serious pollutants, such as for instance carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and oxide that is nitrous. Not merely are these gases harmful for health, causing respiratory disease as well as other illnesses, they even play a role in global warming, a growing problem in the world that is modern. Based on the Union of Concerned Scientists (2013), transportation in the US accounts for 30% of all of the carbon dioxide production for the reason that country, with 60% of these emissions coming from cars and small trucks. Simply speaking, pollution is a drawback that is major of.

A further disadvantage is the traffic conditions that they cause in a lot of cities and towns of the world. The amount of available roadway in cities is not increasing at an equal pace while car ownership is increasing in almost all countries of the world, especially in developing countries. This will lead to traffic congestion, in particular during the and evening rush hour morning. This congestion can be severe, and delays of several hours can be a common occurrence in some cities. Such congestion can also affect those people who travel out of cities during the weekend. Expending hours sitting in an idle car means that this as a type of transport can in fact be less convenient than trains or aeroplanes or any other kinds of public transport.

In closing, although the car is advantageous for its convenience , it offers some disadvantages that are important in particular the pollution it causes while the rise of traffic jams . If countries can spend money on the introduction of technology for green fuels, and in case car owners can think of alternatives such as car sharing, then many of these problems can be lessened.

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