Business Continiuty Planning & Disaster Recovery

Organizations today must implement technologies and policies needed to ensure the safe preservation and availability of their data and guarantee the timely recovery of that data when disaster strikes. Data loss can be devastating. Most electronic records, such as emails or transactions, never get printed out. If electronic records are lost, they might be impossible to re-create. Business Continuity planning is an essential part of running any modern organization that takes its business and its clients seriously. With so many potential business disasters looming that can befall an organization at any time, it seems unwise not to take actions to prepare for and try to prevent the devastating impact of such catastrophes.

Know-All-Edge adds value in terms of assessing the BCP requirement, planning the required service infrastructure and facilitating the services during disaster, cost effectively and seamlessly. We have well trained and experienced professionals who focus on the DR and BCP domain.Our team will help you to assess your current IT infrastructure, plan, design, implement and maintain cost effective solutions.

To ensure IT Service resiliency:

Develop the contingency planning policy statement.
Conduct the business impact analysis.
Identify preventive controls.
Develop recovery strategies.
Develop an IT contingency plan.
Plan testing, training and exercising.
Plan maintenance.