Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is a process in which the IT systems such as computers and networks, and software such as operating systems and application software are scanned in order to identify the presence of known and unknown vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are due to improper software design, insecure coding, or both. Vulnerabilities in IT systems such as software and networks can be considered holes or errors.

Penetration Testing

While vulnerability assessment and remediation is used to strengthen the computer system, it is also important that suitable penetration tests be performed periodically to identify the possibilities of how a system may be compromised. The primary purpose of penetration testing is to identify the exploitation possibilities of an identified vulnerability. We are well equipped to perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing on any network and application.

Identifies the weakest link in the chain
Comprehensive Testing for Applications and Networks
Eliminates false positives and prioritizes real threats
Detection of attack paths missed through manual testing
Facilitates regular and frequent scans
Increased ROI on IT security
Enhanced ability to make effective security improvements to existing systems and applications
Enhanced ability to comply with regulatory requirements
Secures against business logic flaws
Can compare Network current posture with SANS TOP 20 vulnerabilities and other standard